Friday, January 8, 2016

Beauty Contest And Opportunity For Computational Experts

Use of artificial intelligence (AI) had been increasing tremendously. Use of AI in air planes and other automobiles are most commonly used and being evolved continuously. But it is interesting even to think that an AI would judge the beauty context.

 Parameters for Judging AI beauty Contest?

  • Wrinkles
  • Face symmetry
  • Skin colour
  • Gender
  • Age group
  • Ethnicity  and others
Unlike other beauty contests this one is backed by scientists who are working to fight against ageing. It is a normal psychology that people don't worry about how to fight ageing. However, they worry about how they look. It is noted that more than 1 million people take selfies and post them on social networking site. Idea is what if this selfie can be used for winning a first international AI beauty contest.

People who are interested to provide their entries mark deadlines are, Human entries: 15 Jan where as for codes for AI robots: 20 Jan                      --------------------------Log on this website for registration

Recently article published  in TechCrunch, organisers/ scientists discussed about their long term plans with their idea to host this beauty contest. 
Take your selfie and upload your entry today through special app available here
 Simple rules: No make up
                       No beard
                       No glasses

Understanding of faces through this contest will reveal about the youth and age related aspects. The topic is extensively discussed at TechCrunch. This is not only an opportunity for people to test their beauty features but also for computational chemists to upload their algorithms for AI which can help in judging human attractiveness.

Check the details of uploading your AI entries here.... Hurry!!!