Friday, July 15, 2016

Companies Coming Together To Fight Ageing

Mergers Can Solve Ageing Problem!!

Merger of scientific brain may help to find out newer ways to fight ageing.

A. LifeExtension

Life extension is currently a 35 billion dollar supplement producing company. The company has nearly 20 years history of developing innovative products to fight ageing and age related diseases. History of the company in antiaging research:

* 1983: Their research showed that low doses of aspirin may help in reducing the incidence of heart attack. They also recommended the use of co enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) as an anti ageing nutrient.
* 1992: Introduction of melatonin in America for anti-ageing therapy
* 1996: Published research to check the level of fibrinogen as risk factor for cardiovascular disease
*1997: Introduced s-adenosyl methionine (SAM) for alleviating depression, arthritis and liver diseases.
*2000: They found that taking hight level of antioxidants for extended period of time helps in reducing the atherosclerosis
*2006: A relatively better form of CoQ10 that is absorbed relatively better than parent product.
*2010: They stressed that pomogranate, resveratrol and quercetin may help in fighting ageing.
*2012: Introduced a product featuring oleuropein that helps in modulation of arterial resistance and stiffness.
*2013: Introduction of supplements that consists of polyphenols gastrodin that works as brain shield against antioxidants, inflammatory and excitatory damage.
*2014: Introduction of formulation that supports adenosine monophosphate activated protein kinase (AMPK)
*2015: Introduction of pollen extract that promote prostate function and healthy urination.

B. Insilico Inc Collaboration With Life Extension

In silico Inc. has been a major point of attraction in my blogs about ageing. The company is being operated from John Hopkins University. They are a group of computational biogenrontologists who believe that they can cure ageing. The group is extensively working in the field of developing computational models for coming closer and closer to fight ageing.

Insilico Inc. joins hands with larger number of pharmaceutical company in the pursuit of slowing down the ageing process. Recently they have collaborated with Life Extension (a supplement producing company) with the aim of slowing that ageing process. With the long history of Life extension and progressive nature of Insilico Inc. there is a possibility of introduction of range of geroprotectors that may slow down the ageing process early next year (News Published: a) and b)

C. In Silico Inc. Collaboration With BioTime Inc.

BioTime Inc is a clinical stage regenerative medicine company that was focuses on the development of newer technologies fight ageing via. pluripotent cells. Unlike other pharmaceutical products that works on the basis of molecular drug targets, pathways and genetic expression profiles; BioTime's approach has been at the cellular level. Where the pluripotent cells can replace the damaged cells to provide therapeutic output. The simple it sounds the more complex it is. Regeneration of tissue from embryonic cells and formation of scar tissue for an adult for therapeutic purpose is extremely complex process. Hence, in June 2016 they collaborated with Insilico Inc. to study this complex process via machine learning method. The idea of this collaboration was combine the technological advances of AI by Insilico Inc. and pluripotent cells based therapy by BioTime to produce next generation therapeutic solutions for cancer and age related disease..

In this context, AI was developed by BioTime Inc called as Embryonic.AI. It is transcriptomic based classifier that can be used for searching the queries to check how much close is the sample to the embryonic state. Embryonic. AI is basically a deep learning machine that is validated based on the thousands of samples that representative of the human embryonic stem cells. This includes human embryonic stem cells (ESC), induced pluripotent stem cells (IPSC), embryonic progenitor cells (EPC), adult stem cells (ASC) and adult cells (AC). Once the query it provided to the AI it gives out score that acts as a measure of the development stage of cells. Where ES=1 represents embryonic state and ES=0 represents adult cellular states. Here is link to the FAQs that can be used for more details


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