Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Cancer Resistant And long Living Rodent

In our previous blogs we discussed about Peto's paradox. We also discussed about personalised medicine for cancer therapy and funding possibilities for fighting against cancer.

In most published literature mice  are often used as model to extrapolate molecular research for cancer and ageing to human conditions. This extrapolation often fails due to variation in molecular and metabolic levels.  For more details please check here.

Further, we also discussed recent strategies of using targets like mTOR and Telomerase for treating cancer and age related diseases.

Important question is mice (a rodent species) be used for getting useful information about problems of fighting cancer or longevity?

video of showing of naked mole rats can help preventing cancer

It is said that "Answer to major natural  problems will come nature". Somewhere in 2013 it was discovered that a species of mice, which shows resistance to cancer it is called as "Mole Rats"

Although, it is a ugly looking nude mice but it is an interesting animal showing resistance to cancer. 

For more details about the animal please read here.

A simple molecule called hyaluronic acid (HA) produced by this animal is responsible for preventing development of cancer. However, scientists believed that there may be more to this idea. They think that other mechanisms along HA induced effects may play role in preventing developing cancer in mole rats. 

Unusually, molecular weight of HA from mole rat is five times higher than humans which provides protection to mole rats against cancer.   Scientific paper can be accessed here.

Please click here to check genome sequence web-portal for more in-depth research.

This rat seems to be resistant to age related diseases including cancer. Further, it has striking life of 30 years, that is longer than the normal mouse with life span of maximum 4 years. This makes mole rats an unusually long living rodents. More details can be seen here.

Hence, unfolding of the biomechanics of this organism may help us to find newer ways of cancer therapy and attaining longer life.

Some sources says  "If a human was to have same lifespan as a naked mole rat, relative to its size, they would live for up to 600 years"............................click here.

Recently, in 2015 identified new protein product pALTINK4a/b  which may be responsible for inducing longevity in these rats. They were able to correlate dependency of expression of pALTINK4a/b  in presence of high molecular weight HA in mole rat............................................ This may finding can be accessed here.

May be his new finding may help to find newer ways of longer life.


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